A scholarship that gives you a chance to win a discount on tuition for the most gifted children with high academic performance


The special scholarship “Scholarships” (hereinafter referred to as the special scholarship) is awarded to the most gifted students of the International Educational Corporation (hereinafter referred to as IEC) who study on a fee-based basis, but due to various circumstances (marital status, health status, financial problems, etc.) cannot pay for it. for their studies.

2. A special scholarship means a discount of 100% or 50% on tuition, which can be applied for by students who do not have academic debts, retakes and a foreign exchange score based on the results of the last examination session (including an examination assessment on practice): full-time students of all undergraduate courses.

3. Full-time students are awarded a special scholarship for one academic semester.

4. Students are allowed to provide a special scholarship in a row, but no more than 2 times.


5. An obligatory and necessary condition for the award of a special scholarship is excellent academic performance.

6. Applicants for the award of a special scholarship submit an application addressed to the Rector of the IEC on a special form of the approved form (Appendix 1), indicating the causes of financial difficulties. The application must be accompanied by the relevant documents, the minimum list of which is defined in a special application form for participation in the competition.

The application is submitted online from 16.01.-18.01.2024 via IPORTAL (e-cabinet – special scholarship SCHOLARSHIPS)

 For all questions, please contact the group advisors/ deputy deans for educational work of the faculty.

Attached documents:
1. A certificate of payroll with an indication of deductions for the last 6 months in the prescribed form according to accounting programs (1C-Accounting/salary);
2. Certificate of zero income from the PSC, in case of temporary absence of work;
3. Copies of identity cards, birth certificates of family members (to determine the composition of the family);
4. Income statement (the amount of monthly pension payments) from the PSC (NAO GC “Government for Citizens”), if the parents are pensioners.

If there is:
1. Certificate of disability (in the list of family members);
2. Parents’ pension certificate;
3. Certificate of the degree of disability of parents / Certificate of temporary disability;
4. The court’s decision on the recovery of alimony;
5. The death certificate of the mother/father;
6. Certificate of divorce/Court decision on parents’ divorce;
7. Marriage certificate (of the student);
8. The certificate of a mother with many children. Awarding with the “Altyn Alka” pendant;
9. Marriage certificate (in case of remarriage of the parent, adultery. last names);
10. Stepfather’s income statement;
11. Certificate from an orphanage, boarding school, etc.;
12. Refusal statement from parents;
13. Court decision on deprivation of parental rights (parents);
14. Certificate of payment of the survivor’s (parents’) allowance.

In the absence of a mandatory list of documents, the application will not be considered! An application submitted after the deadline will not be considered! In case of non-compliance with the assessment criteria (A, A-), the application will not be considered!