Military Department

The Military Department of the International Educational Corporation LLP has been established

February 10, 2023

Military training

Military training of citizens for military service according to the programs of reserve officers and sergeants is carried out in military accounting specialties on the basis of higher professional education

in order to form a military-trained reserve of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as additional recruitment of primary positions of officers and sergeants of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Reserve Officers and Sergeants Program

Military training is carried out on a state educational order and on a paid basis. IOC students who are ranked from the first number to the number corresponding to the number of allocated places according to the recruitment plan are allowed to study at the military department for free.

For any questions, please call: 8-707-879-00-17


For training in the Reserve Officer training program

1. Documents are accepted from students

2. The first year
(with 3 and 4 years of study)

3. Second year
(with 5 years of training)

For training in the reserve sergeants training program

1. Documents are accepted from students

2. First and second year students
(with 4-year training)

3. First, second, and third year students
(with 5 years of training)