Center for Postgraduate Education

Center for Postgraduate Education

The Center for Science and Postgraduate Education (CSPE) of the International Education Corporation is a structural division of the corporation that carries out and coordinates research and development work (R&D) carried out in the corporation, as well as training of postgraduate education personnel.
CSPE is a single scientific structure that unites all the research divisions of the corporation, including faculties, research laboratories and design bureaus.

CSPE in its activities is guided by the legislative and regulatory acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Charter of “IEC” LLP, the Regulations on CSPE.

CSPE defines scientific and innovative activities on the basis of the IEC Strategic Development Program, decisions of the IEC Academic Council and the Scientific and Technical Council.

The purpose of the center’s activities is to promote the fullest use of the scientific and intellectual potential of the IEC, the integrated development of research, scientific and production activities to improve the effectiveness of R&D results and the quality of education, the organization of innovation, the implementation of educational programs and the strengthening of international cooperation of scientists and specialists.

CSPE functions

Development of current and long-term research plans (hereinafter – R&D)

Analysis of the performance indicators of the Corporation’s research and development

Monitoring and analysis of the activities of the IEC units on the implementation of research plans

Planning and organization of events aimed at activating the scientific activities of the Faculty of the IEC, including: organization and holding of scientific and practical conferences, round tables, seminars and other scientific events of a public nature in the corporation

Informational and organizational support of research activities of students of the IEC

Informational and organizational support of the activities of the youth scientific self-government bodies (Council of Young Scientists, Student Scientific Society) of the IEC

Preparation of a dissertation defense plan for each calendar year

Providing qualified advice to the head of the dissertation Council and applicants from other universities (including foreign citizens) on the procedure for defending dissertations in the IEC

Formation and timely submission of reports on scientific, research and development activities of the corporation to the Scientific and Technical Council, Academic Council, etc.

Informational and organizational support for the participation of teaching staff and students in symposiums, conferences, seminars and other scientific events

Informational, organizational support for the participation of teaching staff and students of the corporation in competitions for state prizes, state scholarships, other prizes and awards for research

Providing consulting and methodological assistance to staff, teachers and doctoral students in working with international bibliometric databases

Organization of work to increase the publication activity of IEC scientists in international rating journals

Preparation and provision of statistical data and reporting documentation on research and development of the IEC at the request of regulatory authorities and organizations

Bringing to the attention of the structural divisions of the IEC management orders, information about conferences, seminars, competitions and other documents on the organization of research

Development of regulatory documentation regulating the IEC’s research activities

Organizational, methodological, consulting, informational and analytical support of scientific projects

Compliance with regulatory legal acts of the Committee for Quality Assurance of Education and Science of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (COXON of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan) concerning the activities of the Dissertation Council and the rules for awarding degrees

Organization of work on changing the composition of the dissertation Council for awarding the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Providing methodological assistance to the academic secretary in the preparation of attestation cases of applicants

Providing technical and informational support for the effective work of the dissertation council, monitoring the timely posting of information about the activities of the dissertation council on the university’s website


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