Scientific Councils

Scientific Councils

Council of Young Scientists

Scientific and Technical Council (STC)

The governing body of scientific, technical, scientific, organizational and research activities of the IEC.
The Chairman of the IEC STC is the Vice-Rector for Development. The organizational activities of the STC are carried out by the Center for Science and Postgraduate Education.

Main goals and objectives
The main objectives of the STC are to develop the basic principles of formation and mechanisms for the practical implementation of scientific, scientific, technical and innovation policy.
The main tasks of the STC are the scientific provision of education at all levels, the study and generalization of the experience of organizing scientific research in the scientific laboratory complex, the formation of priority areas of fundamental and applied scientific research, the development of the main directions of the implementation of the Strategy of Industrial and Innovative Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the corporation.

The structure and basic principles of the organization of the work of the STC
The STC is formed as part of the chairman of the NTS, the deputy chairman of the STC, the scientific secretary of the STC, the members of the STC. Membership in the STC is personal. The STC may include vice-rectors, deans of faculties, leading scientists, scientific and pedagogical workers and highly qualified industry specialists, including representatives of relevant public associations of scientific and pedagogical workers. The personal composition of the STC, the candidacy of the chairman of the STC and his deputy, the scientific secretary of the STC and the members of the STC are approved by the order of the rector of the IEC.
Meetings of the IEC STC are held at least once every two months. The work of the STC is carried out in accordance with the plan drawn up and approved for each academic year. The work plan of the STC is approved annually by the Rector of the Moscow State University.

Council of Young Scientists (CYS)

This is a public organization of the IEC and is formed from representatives of various divisions of the corporation.

The general management of CYS activities is carried out by the Director of the Center for Science and Postgraduate Education.

Goals and objectives of CYS
The objectives of the Council are activation of the professional growth of young scientists of the MUC, combining their efforts to develop topical scientific problems and solve priority scientific tasks, as well as the development of innovative activities of young scientists of the corporation.
The main tasks of the Council are to unite young scientists of the IEC and activate their activities to achieve their goals, gain new knowledge and integrate their joint scientific activities, assist young scientists of the corporation in conducting fundamental and applied research.
SMU Chairman – Aiganym Ismailova , PhD,
Associate Professor of FSTIM

8(727)2208103, 1179

Student Scientific Society (SSS)

a self-governing scientific association of students of the International Educational Corporation, which coordinates their scientific work.
The Student Scientific Society strives to develop the interests of students and contributes to improving the quality of training of IEC specialists in the field of scientific activity. The primary tasks of the SSS are the education and realization of the scientific potential of the students of the corporation.

The activities of the SSS include the following areas:

  • organization of scientific events for students and research works (including master classes and contractual research);
  • promotion of science among students;
  • providing favorable conditions for the realization of the scientific potential of students;
  • cooperation with republican and foreign scientific societies and student organizations.