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Dear visitors of the website of the International Educational Corporation, I am sincerely glad to welcome you to my blog page!
rector, rector, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Imandosova Margarita Bulatovna

The International Educational Corporation (hereinafter-IEC) is a unified educational, scientific and production complex created on the basis of the Kazakh head Architectural and Construction Academy and the Kazakh–American University, which has a long tradition and an established team of highly qualified teachers and scientists.

The mission of the IEC is to generate and implement the world’s best educational standards and technologies in the national educational system based on the integration of education, science and production. Advanced training of professionals focused on leadership and aimed at industrial and innovative development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The IEC staff and students rely on such values as professional and academic honesty, openness and leadership, tolerance and patriotism, responsibility to society and the state.

I hope that the rector’s blog will help you to express your opinion on the activities of the IEC and give your suggestions on improving the quality of educational services, research potential, administrative and managerial decisions.

In addition, communication in this format will allow us to increase the efficiency of contacts, speed up the receipt of the necessary information by you.

You can be sure that every question you ask and your suggestion will be considered and will not be left without due attention!

With respect,

rector, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Imandosova Margarita Bulatovna