Scientific and laboratory complex

The Scientific Laboratory Complex (NLC) is part of the Center for Science and Postgraduate Education (CNPE) MOK LLP carries out its activities in accordance with the law “On Science” of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Standard Regulation on Scientific laboratories for Collective Use and the Regulation on NLC.


The main purpose of SLC’s activities is to provide access to scientific research by domestic and foreign scientists, regardless of the departmental affiliation and form of ownership of the scientific organization or higher educational institution in which they work; to ensure the conduct of research and development work (hereinafter referred to as R&D) by subjects of scientific and scientific and technical activities.

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organization and planning of the work of NLK, the Design Bureau (PCB) and all scientific laboratories of the IOC;
planning and coordination of NLK’s research, design and certification activities;
organization of execution and control of research programs, design and certification and testing works at various levels in the main scientific and production areas, including on orders;
promotion and commercialization of research and development results;
participation in competitions and international grants for scientific research;
organization of work on the further development of NLCs and certification tests in various fields of construction, architecture, geodesy, construction technologies;
attracting and searching potential customers for joint research programs;
providing methodological and consulting assistance in conducting and processing R&D results; marketing research, pilot testing of new samples of equipment, devices, products, materials and technological processes;
development of improvement of methods and programs, regulatory and technological documents for R&D;
collection, storage, systematization of information on completed and ongoing R&D in compliance with the requirements established by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the protection of intellectual property rights, on the protection of state and (or) commercial secrets;
professional development of NLK employees, as well as training and retraining of personnel.

Surveys of the technical condition of buildings and structures;
Physical and mechanical testing of building materials and products;
Earthquake resistance of buildings and structures;
Binders and concretes;
Geotechnics in construction;
Research of technological properties of building materials;
Experimental modeling of earthquakes;
Geoinformation mapping;
BIM design;
Architectural and innovative solutions in the field of design and modeling of buildings and structures, architecture of small shapes;
Modern management, development of cost estimates for construction works using digital technology.

Laboratory “Physical and mechanical testing of building materials and products.
Laboratory “Binders and concretes”.
Laboratory “Research of technological properties of building materials”.
Laboratory “Welding and diagnostics of metal structures and their connections”.
Laboratory “Inspection of the technical condition of buildings and structures”.
Laboratory “Earthquake resistance of buildings and structures”.
Laboratory “Geotechnics in construction”.
Laboratory “Experimental modeling of earthquakes”.
Specialized scientific and creative laboratory “Pavilion-studio complex”.
Specialized educational and creative laboratory “Tele-video design”.
Design Bureau