Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

The KazGASA Board of Trustees was established in 2007 with the aim of effectively using the intellectual potential of the university in the interests of the Republic of Kazakhstan and providing it with the necessary organizational and material support.

The creation and functioning of the KazGASA Board of Trustees was carried out within the framework of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Education” dated July 27, 2007 and the Order of the Minister of Education and Science dated October 22, 2007 On approval of the Standard Rules of the Board of Trustees and the procedure for its election.

The KazGASA Board of Trustees consists of eminent alumnis– representatives of government agencies, educational authorities, enterprises and investor organizations, creative and professional unions, the media, as well as representatives of student youth. The Board of Trustees takes an active part in the life of the KazGASA through constant working contacts with the leadership of the university, its departments, teachers and students. Members of the Council

The trustees regularly analyze the long-term development plans of the KazGASA, make proposals for improving curricula, introducing modern technologies into the educational process, expanding the educational, scientific and material-technical base of the university.

One of the important activities of the joint venture is to provide sponsorship support to students from needy families, orphans, talented youth, as well as students traveling to practice in foreign countries (Egypt, UAE, China, Korea, Turkey, Italy, Spain, etc.).

Chairman of the KAZGASA Council

Bekzat Kazievich Sarmanov

Honored Builder of Kazakhstan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Elitstroy Group, Chairman

Members of the Council:

Baitasov Armanzhan Merekeevich

Founder of Tan Media Group holding, publisher of Forbes Kazakhstan magazine

Kopbaev Kanat Shokhanovich

Co-owner and member of the Board of Directors of Kusto Group, Chairman of YPO Kazakhstan, President of the Baige Republican Federation

Omarov Askhat Asanovich

CEO and Member of the Board of Directors of BI Group

Tatygulov Aidar Abdysagitovich

President of KAZGOR

Kamilov Nurlan Duisenbaevich

Chief Architect of INK Architects

Nysanbayeva Lyubov Vladimirovna


Epishev Yuri Nikolaevich


It is important to note that the main purpose of the KazGASA Board of Trustees is:
effective use of the intellectual potential of KazGASA employees and students in the interests of the Republic of Kazakhstan, to promote the further development of the KazGASA by providing it with the necessary material and organizational assistance.
To achieve this goal, the following main tasks are put forward::

Implementation of the KazGASA state policy in the field of education; definition of the strategy and tactics of the KazGASA development;
Assistance in the entry of the KazGASA into the global educational system, priority support for fundamental science and priority areas in the development of new technologies;
Assistance in providing elite higher education to citizens who have shown special abilities;
Creating optimal conditions for students and faculty of the KazGASA in order to fullfill their needs for intellectual and cultural development;
Creation of innovative KazGASA development programs;
Assistance in the development of the educational, scientific and logistical base of the KazGASA;
Creation of its own Fund to provide sponsorship to the KazGASA;
Establishment of a special scholarship Fund of the Board of Trustees for the social support of well prepared and talented students, including orphans and children from low-income families;
Support for the activities of the KazGASA Alumni Association (AA).
The Board of Trustees meets twice a year, in spring and autumn.

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Kusainov Aigazy Amirlanovich

Chairman of the Supervisory Board