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The IEC electronic Library allows
students not to be physically present
in the library and study from home online

Dear readers!
Electronic document delivery (hereinafter referred to as EDD) provides an opportunity to order an electronic copy of printed documents (articles from periodicals and fragments of books) from library collections.
This service is carried out in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Copyright and Related Rights” dated June 10, 1996 N 6-1 (with amendments and additions dated 10.07.2009) and the copyright legislation of foreign countries.
The procedure and conditions for the execution of orders from the library funds:
You can install bibliographic information about the documents you are interested in using the library’s electronic catalog.
After receiving the order and checking the availability of the required source in the library fund, a message is sent to the customer about the possibility of fulfilling the order.
The customer must confirm his order or refuse to fulfill it.
EDD from the Library fund is free of charge.

Making an order

The order can be placed and sent in the following ways:

By email , or on the library’s website.

In the library subscription department ,

The received electronic copies, according to the current legislation, are allowed to be used only for scientific, educational and educational purposes. Their replication, reproduction in any other form, transfer to third parties and use for commercial purposes are prohibited.

Useful resources

Links to sources will be useful for finding new information in the scientific activities of each student

EBSCO database

Since February 1, 2022, the IEC Scientific Library has been subscribed to the EBSCO scientific and educational database. The access of authorized users to the databases is provided from any Internet access point both from the University and beyond.

Authorization Guide here

The Scientific Library provides the following services:

1. Search for literature in the KABIS electronic library, which can be accessed by following the link: /,
2. Online reference and bibliographic service designed to serve remote users. To do this, you need to register online at the library by filling in the following fields for maintenance.

After registration, you can order the relevant literature and receive it by email in pdf format.

For any questions, please contact the leading librarian of the subscription service hall: Madina Shaimerdenovna Dzhakupbaeva 8 7714060833 e-mail: , .