The IЕC Strategic Development Plan takes into account five options for the team to formulate a vision of the university’s prospects:

1. The IЕC, as the flagship of architectural and construction, education, enters the world educational space, implements the ideas of integration of education, culture, and science in Europe and Asia.

2. The IЕC trains personnel that meet national and international standards, carries out innovative activities, and leads in the creation of a harmonious environment of a super industrial society, develops and actively uses new knowledge, methods, and technologies.

3. The IЕC is steadily developing, provides conditions for the realization of the innovative, creative potential of the individual;

4. The IЕC develops on the basis of unity of administrative and collective management;

5. The IЕC meets the needs of society on the basis of the principles of partnership and respect, unity of traditions and innovation, science and art.