INZHU design contest


As part of the implementation of the state program “Rukhani zhangyru”, the International Educational Corporation (KazGASA) holds the Republican contest of young fashion designers “INZHU-design” (hereinafter referred to as the contest) in order to form a sense of patriotism and pride for their Homeland in the younger generation, develop and spread the idea of spiritual unity of the people of Kazakhstan, preserve national cultural traditions, discover talents and support new names as separate pearls in one strand of friendship, for the development of the domestic fashion industry.

The composition of the jury

Farida Merhamitkyzy

Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, President of Yerke-Nur LLP, fashion stylist, deputy of the Maslikhat of Almaty

Gaukhar Akhmetova

Kazakhstani designer, director of Kogi Fashion House, member of the Expert Council of the IOC educational program on fashion design, participant of the Kazakhstan Fashion Week

Gulnar Ibraishina

Candidate of Cultural Studies, Associate Professor of Art History, Professor of the Faculty of Design of the IOC (KAZGAS), curator of the educational program "Fashion Design", member of the Board of the Kazakhstan Union of Designers

Shakhizada Turganbaeva

Doctor of Art History of the Russian Federation, Associate Professor of Art History, Professor of the Faculty of Design of the IOC (KazGASA), member of the Kazakhstan Union of Designers

Aida Kaumenova

designer, director of the fashion house, founder of the Kazakh clothing brand "Aida KaumeNOVA", a regular participant of Kazakhstan Fashion Week and fashion Week abroad (Almaty)

Inga Vyatkina

Kazakhstani designer, director and founder of the ENDEAVOUR clothing company, member of the Presidium of the Association of Light Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Almaty)

Mikhail Kravets

Kazakhstani fashion designer, founder of the fashion house "Kravets" (Almaty)

Yarkyn Baymakhanov

Kazakhstani fashion designer, regular participant of Kazakhstan Fashion Week and fashion Week abroad, Master of Design and Arts, founder of the brand "jarkynbaimakhanov" (Almaty)

Questions and answers

The prize fund

from the International Educational Corporation, the organizer of the competition

Participants of the “JUNIOR” and “COLLEGE” categories will receive discounts on payment for a year of study at the IOC Faculty of Design (“Fashion Design”) or at KAZGAS College (“Fashion Design”):

100% discount for 1 year of study
50% discount for 1 year of study
25% discount for 1 year of study
Participants of the “STUDENT” category:

100,000 tng
50,000 tng
25,000 tng

The dates of the competition

1. Submission of applications and works for the competition – until April 22, 2022 inclusive.
2. The final of the competition is on May 21, 2022.

Criteria for the evaluation of competitive works

The evaluation of the competitive works is carried out according to a 10-point system. The final score is calculated as the arithmetic mean of the scores of all the jury members.
The entries are evaluated according to the following five equivalent criteria:
1. novelty, originality and artistic expression;
2. sketches of the collection: the level of proficiency in graphics and/or color rendering;
3. compliance of the models with the declared name/motto of the collection;
4. the level of execution of the model/ layout (product fit on the figure, design and processing technology, innovation in the use of technological solutions and materials);
5. The quality of presentation in PowerPoint.

Stages of the competition and requirements for competitive works

Stage 1 (online):
Submission of works for the competition (until April 22, 2022 inclusive):
1. Participant’s application (Appendix 1).
2. Presentation in Power Point format or (5-10 slides), the design is arbitrary.

The composition of the presentation:
1). title page with output data (full name of the author, name of the collection, professional category and nomination, educational institution, head);
2). sketches of models (all 6-7 models on one sheet), description of the concept of the collection, technique and materials for making sketches are arbitrary without restrictions;
3). sketches of models with a description (the same models, but one at a time – on one sheet 1 model and a description of the appearance of the model);
4). description of the materials used to make the model/layout in the material (if possible with a photo of fabrics, materials and accessories);
5). photo shoot (photos of the model/layout in the material on a full-length figure or mannequin in front, back, side, photos of individual parts and assemblies, photos of changes in the model during any transformation, etc.). It is recommended to scan the sketches first (at a sufficiently high resolution), save them in JPG format, then use them in PowerPoint.

Stage 2 (online):
The final of the Republican contest of young designers “Inzhu-design” It will take place on May 21, 2022.

The work of the jury. Organization of the jury meeting evaluation of the submitted works. Summing up the results.

Organizing a demonstration of the best of the collections presented. The best works will be shown online to all participants and 4 guests of the competition. Getting to know the members of the jury and the participants who are the authors of the best projects.

The award ceremony for the winners of the competition.
The winners of the competition will receive diplomas of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd degree in each nomination, in each category.
The rest of the participants will receive a certificate of participation in the Republican contest of young fashion designers “INZHU-design”.
There are special prizes from the jury members.

The Organizing Committee of the contest wishes everyone success and creative victories!


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