Application for student housing

The university has an automated system for the distribution of places in the Students’ Home (hereinafter DS). Each applicant, when submitting documents, is registered in the electronic database of the university, where they indicate the need for a DS and attach all supporting documents. Senior courses submit an application on the electronic portal. The system assigns a point for each item, and also automatically conducts ranking. As a result, those who are rated more in need get places in the hostel.

Acceptance of applications for senior courses until August 20.
Acceptance of applications for the first year until August 25.
Publication of the main list until August 29.
Also, a reserve list is published on the site (in case of refusal or non-settlement for objective reasons, students from the main list will receive a place in the Students’ House).
It is necessary to check into the Students’ House before September 19.

If a student is included in the main list, but he is not in the city (for senior courses), it is necessary to contact the deputy dean for VS and SV and inform about the date of arrival. If the student does not get in touch, the place will be transferred to students from the reserve list.

Students who have not received a place in the Student House at the beginning of the academic year can apply for these places as they become available during the year. / – for 1 course. / – for students of 2,3,4,5 courses, including KazGASA College, AKS.

The primary right to accommodation in the House of Students is enjoyed by students enrolled in the 1st year under a state educational grant from among:

  • disabled 1,2,3 groups, disabled children;
  • orphans left without parental care, children from orphanages, orphans under guardianship;
  • children with disabilities and children with developmental disabilities;
  • children from large families;
  • children of single mothers, due to the loss of a breadwinner;
  • activists of the public life of the university;
  • children with a rural quota;
  • children from remote regions;
  • children from medium-range regions;
  • persons of Kazakh nationality who are not citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • children from low-income families, holders of quota grants;
  • students from among foreign citizens.

Step 1: each student must come to the faculty to the Deputy dean for VS and SV according to the schedule of issuing warrants and receive their warrant.
Step 2: pass a medical examination in the 107 office of KAU.
Step 3: come to the Students’ House with a legal representative (father, mother) or with a proxy with a notarized power of attorney, write an application, conclude a contract, get a place, pay for the first month of residence.
Step 4: to present a receipt for payment upon check-in at the Students’ House.

Date: 29.08.2022
Faculty/College: Faculty of General Construction
Office: 601 office in KAU, Toraighyrova 29
Time: 9.00-15.00

Date: 30.08.2022
Faculty/College: College School – Kazgas and Almaty College of Communication
Office: 804 office of KAU, 901 office in KAU, Toraighyrova 29
Time: 9.00-15.00

Date: 31.08.2022
Faculty/College: Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Design
Office: 414 office in KAU, 611 office in KAU, Toraighyrova 29
Time: 9.00-15.00

Date: 1.09.2022
Faculty/College: Faculty of Construction Technologies, Infrastructure and Management
Office: 901 office in KAU, Toraighyrova 29
Time: 14.00-18.00

Date: 02.09.2022
Faculty/College: Faculty at the Kazakh-American University
Office: 304 in KAU, Toraighyrova 29
Time: 9.00-15.00

-Photo 3*4-4 pcs;
-A copy of the identity card.

The cost of a place for 2-bed accommodation is 40,000 tenge

The cost of a place with 4-bed accommodation is 35,000 tenge

Eviction of students from the House is carried out:
– upon expulsion from the university;
– for violation of internal regulations;
– for violating the rules of the educational process;
– for academic failure;
– for the regular absence of students from the House;

Eviction of students from the House is carried out by the decision of the expert commission.

House of students is a new format of a dormitory for students with all amenities, with a guarded building and trained staff.

At the moment, the International Educational Corporation has signed a memorandum for 2 floors with 192 seats.
The rooms are equipped with everything necessary for comfortable living and study.

Cleaning, free washing machine, tennis table and relaxation room are included in the price. Free high-speed Internet throughout the territory.

House of students is located at Karasai batyr 152/1

Cost of accommodation:
The cost of a place for 2-bed accommodation is 51,000 tenge
The cost of a place with 4-bed accommodation is 49.500 tenge
The cost of a place for 6-bed accommodation is 48,000 tenge

The International Educational Corporation cooperates with a number of hostels that can provide accommodation for students at an affordable price near the university.

1. Hostel WoW, Mr. Atameken 41
2. Hostel Arena, Taugul-1 microdistrict, 33B
3. White Hostel, Ryskulbekova, 28/5
4. Palm Bay Hostel, 51 Zhandosova str.
5. Hostel Asem, 5 Akkogershin str.
6. Shifa Hostel, 17 Kaldayakov str.
7. Parasat Hostel, 82 Karmysova str
. 8. City Hostel, Raiymbek 241 g
9. Like House Almaty, Timiryazeva 59 a.