The form of diplomas of its sample


Ensuring the competitiveness of graduates is the task of each university and the university is responsible for the results of its activities.
Diplomas of its own sample are one of the world trends, it guarantees the responsibility of each university for the quality of training.
Since 2021, universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan have been issuing diplomas of their own sample.

Download diploma forms 2022

  • Name of the university;
  • Last name, first name, patronymic of the graduate;
  • Code and name of the educational program (specialty);
  • Degree awarded;
    Date and number of the minutes of the meeting of the attestation commission on awarding the degree;
  • The form of training;
  • Signature of the Rector of the IOC, Chairman of the Final Attestation Commission and Dean of the Faculty;
  • Serial registration number of the diploma;
  • Date and place (city) of graduation;
  • The seal of the university.                             

The logo and the name of the accreditation agency “Independent Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (IQAA)” are placed in the education documents of its own sample, since the International Educational Corporation has received the institutional accreditation of this agency, the application contains the logo of the same agency for the corresponding educational program/ specialty for which specialized accreditation has been passed.

Documents on the formation of their own sample contain protective signs.

The technology of automatic identification and data collection and a QR code are used in the documents on the formation of their own sample. Each diploma has its own unique identification number, which is synchronized with the National Educational Database. That is, its authenticity can be quickly verified if necessary. And even an employer who accepts a graduate with a diploma from our university into his team will be able to do this.

The Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan has established a series and numbering for each type of education document of its own sample.

Numbering for each type of document on the formation of its own sample is generated using a special service.

The generation of numbers of educational documents of its own sample was carried out on the basis of information about students entered into the National Educational Database.

  1. diploma of higher education with the award of a bachelor’s degree – BD;
  2. diploma of postgraduate education with the award of a master’s degree – MD;
  3. Filling in the documents of our own sample was made using special printers.

The forms and appendices to the documents on education of their own sample are filled in the state, English and Russian languages.