Scientific Library

Scientific Library

Library services for readers are organized on 2 subscriptions and in 6 reading rooms.

On the basement floor of KazGASA there are:

Reading Room No. 6 - Scientific and Educational Depository Fund

The reading room is served by students of all courses, undergraduates, teaching staff, employees. The foundation presents scientific books to help the educational process and scientific work. Reading Room No. 6 is also a subscription. The scientific and educational depository fund is concentrated here.

On the first floor of KazGASA there are:

Subscription of educational literature

Readers are being recorded in the library. Students of all courses, undergraduates, teaching staff, employees are served. Literature is given for one semester. At the end of the fall semester, readers are required to extend the terms of use of literature, and at the end of the spring semester (until July 1), they are required to hand over all available literature. Few-instance literature is issued for a short period of time. Types of services – individual service, group service.

Reading Room No. 5 - literature hall for architects, designers and construction - specialties

Undergraduates, teaching staff, students of all courses are served. There are books in different languages on architecture, design, construction specialties. Students, undergraduates, doctoral students and teaching staff are served.

On the second floor of KazGASA there are:

Reading Room No. 4 - for the service of teaching staff and undergraduates

at the service of readers, computers are installed in the hall, on which there are programs AutoCAD-14, AutoCAD-2000, CorelDRAW for performing graphic works by readers. Here you can also search for literature in the library’s electronic catalog. The hall has literature (reference and periodicals) in English – 250 volumes of the collection “Libraries of the ending era”, the British Encyclopedia in 22 volumes and the American Encyclopedia in 30 volumes. The permanent exhibition “Works of the Teaching staff of KazLAACE” is on display

Reading Room No. 3 - electronic and multimedia reading room for students

There are 30 computers in the hall that are connected to the Internet. There is access to the databases “IPRbooks”, connected by national subscription to the database “Elzevir” to the collections “Skopus” and “ScienceDirect”, “Clarivate Analytics”, “Polpred”, “KazNEB”, “RMEB”. Here you can also search for literature in the library’s electronic catalog.

Department of acquisition and processing of literature office No. 244

ensures the formation of the library fund for the educational process, scientific, pedagogical and research activities of the university. Orders for new editions are being placed. The Department provides systematization, cataloging and technical processing of new receipts and UDC on dissertations, reports and publications of teaching staff and students.

On the third floor of KazGASA there are:

Reading Room No. 1

The hall presents literature on social and humanitarian disciplines and legal (history, philosophy, political science, sociology, psychology, cultural studies, ethics, aesthetics, religion, fundamentals of law, legislative foundations of economic activity) literature for general natural science training (mathematics, physics, chemistry), literature on languages (Kazakh, Russian, English), literature on economic disciplines, reference and periodicals