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QUESTION:        On what days is the submission of documents for enrollment of applicants to the International Educational Corporation carried out?
ANSWER:            The admission committee of the International Educational Corporation is open from June 20 to August 25.
QUESTION:        Is there a hostel in the International Educational Corporation?
ANSWER:            There is one hostel — the House of students, accommodation is paid.
QUESTION:    What documents do I need to submit to move into a hostel?
ANSWER:            Copies of identity certificates, Photo 3 * 4, Photo fluorographs, receipt Oblate, order of the dean.
QUESTION:        Are there any government grants in the International Educational Corporation?

ANSWER:           Yes, grants are allocated annually for all groups of educational programs.

QUESTION:          When do I need to submit documents to participate in the competition for the award of a state grant?

ANSWER:            The application for the state grant will be submitted from July 13 to July 20.

QUESTION:          Is there a penalty and how much is the day of late payment?    

ANSWER:            Read in clause 3.5 of your Training Agreement.

QUESTION:        What is the cost of studying at an International Educational Corporation?

ANSWER:            The cost of training for all educational programs is 990 thousand tenge for the first academic year. Further, the cost of training for each course increases by 10% (annually).

QUESTION:        Can a parent or relative pay for tuition?

ANSWER:            Maybe, but it is mandatory that the full name and IIN of the student should be spelled out in the purpose of the payment.

QUESTION:        Is it possible to transfer to an International Educational Corporation (KAZGASA, KAU)?

ANSWER:            Students have the right to transfer from one university to another, from one educational program to another with the delivery of the difference in working curricula, as well as the right to transfer from a paid department to a vacant place of a state educational grant during the summer and winter holidays.
To transfer to the IEC, a transcript and a transfer application addressed to the rector are required.

QUESTION:        Is there a military department in an international educational Corporation?

ANSWER:            On February 10, 2023, the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan R. Zhaksylykov signed an order on the establishment of a military department in the International Educational Corporation in accordance with subparagraph 26-23) of paragraph 2 of Article 22 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Defense and Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan”. This decision was agreed with the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

ВОПРОС:        Are there internal grants and Olympiads at the university?

ANSWER:            Yes. Every year, within the framework of the Republican Olympiads “Otanga Barar Zhol”, “American Education Challenge”, internal grants are awarded for the entire period of study. In addition, the university provides applicants with a large number of discounts up to 100% on tuition.