Institute of Innovation and Additional Education (IIAE)

Center for Additional Education (CDE)

Center for Additional Education (CDE) was founded in 2016 on the basis of an International Educational Corporation

Center for Additional Education includes:

  • The structural division of ISIDO includes:
  • Certification Center of Engineering and Technical Workers (CCETW);
  • Certified Autodesk Center (AC);
  • KNAUF Consulting Center (KC);
  • Professional and Preparatory courses (PC);
  • KAU Language School

Tasks and Goals

  • One of the main tasks of the Institute is to develop unique additional education programs, organize and conduct preparatory courses for creative exams and UNT, courses and seminars on advanced training and retraining of specialists in the field of architecture, urban planning, construction, design and many others.

Professional training and retraining courses are conducted on the basis of the Republican Center for Advanced Training of Personnel in the Architectural and Construction Industry (RC PKKASO), which is an educational, structural subdivision of the Institute of Innovation and Additional Education of the IEC and is intended for advanced training and retraining of employees of the architectural and construction industry, providing training in licensed specialties of the International Educational Corporation for the acquisition of new professional knowledge and skills by citizens, professions and specialties in accordance with the increasing demands of the labor market and scientific and technological progress, as well as to meet the individual needs of the individual in improving their professional training.
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Drawing and drafting preparatory courses for academy and college entrants KazGASA.
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